Frequently Asked Questions

What is your jewellery made from?
As well as the beautiful dichroic glass that is uniquely layered to every item, the pieces are accompanied by pre-made components such as sterling silver rings bands and ear fittings or stainless steel necklace chains. Please refer to the sizing and specification page for detailed descriptions of each item.

What is dichroic glass?
A sophisticated method is used to create stunning colours on glass by vaporizing quartz crystal and metal oxides. The vapour then clings to the glass in as many as 30 separate ultra-thin layers on one single sheet of glass. These layers give the glass reflection, depth and colour that changes depending on the light and how it is viewed. One of the attractions of dichroic glass jewellery is that each piece is unique. To make a matching set of earrings and a necklace, the pieces need to be made at the same time and be cut from joining pieces of glass in order for the colours to be a similar match but even then they will not be identical.

What packaging does your jewellery come with?
Every piece of handmade jewellery is individually packaged in its own elegant custom gift box that is sourced in the UK. All jewellery is presented in a white and grey shoulder box except for the Gentlemen’s Collection which comes in a black and grey shoulder box.

My jewellery is not easy to photograph due to the depth and sparkle of the glass. Photographs cannot convey the striking full effect that you will experience when you see the piece in person, but you can be assured you’re wearing something elegant and eye-catching.

Sterling silver
Sterling silver is used in many of the pieces. It is very durable however it is malleable, meaning that it can be bent when exerted under moderate pressure; this includes common activities such as gardening or house cleaning.

Silver tarnishing
In rare cases people have extremely acidic skin, which may result in the silver turning black; this may also occur when the silver is exposed to water, heat, chlorine, perfume, etc. Therefore it is strongly advised not to wear your jewellery at all times and particularly not in a swimming pool or when taking part in strenuous activities.