With high street shops all looking the same it is often difficult to find something that little bit different. Look no further.

Each piece of Leanne Street jewellery is thoughtfully handcrafted by myself using dichroic glass to create elegant pieces that are perfect for people that want originality which is high in quality but still affordable. I find it makes it even more special for the person wearing my jewellery or receiving it as a gift, recognizing that it has not been mass-produced in a factory and therefore with confidence can know it is a one of a kind piece.

And because each piece of original jewellery arrives in its own elegant custom gift box it is perfectly ready to give as a gift to a loved one, or to keep for yourself.


I am influenced by the Scottish nature that surrounds me in the seasons, the ocean, the sky and the stunning landscape. With my designs I aspire to capture the essence of Scotland through colour and the illusion of texture to create elegant jewellery using dichroic glass.

I love the transformative properties that occur when working with dichroic glass and the countless possibilities that can be created from it. This makes it very unique so you can be assured that my handmade pieces are always original and no two are identical, even if I tried!


The creation of this glass follows a very sophisticated method which produces colours on glass that shift when viewed from different angles, similar to reflections from a crystal.

Originally adapted for the aerospace industry this method is now used to make stunning colours by vapourizing quartz crystal and metal oxides. The vapour attaches to the glass in as many as 30 separate ultra-thin layers on one single sheet of glass giving reflection and colour changes depending on the light and how it is viewed.

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